LRD 2985

Work light LRD 2985 Slim with magnetic assemble base and cigarette lighter plug

The range of Horpol work lights has been expanded with products in the SLIM version: LRD 2983, LRD 2984 with a reversing function and LRD 2985 with a magnetic assemble base and a cigarette lighter plug. The universal, mobile work lamp LRD 2985 SLIM is distinguished by the comfort of using the lamp and the optimal combination of technical parameters. The lamp is equipped with a 8 m length spiral cable, terminated with a standard 12/24 V cigarette lighter plug. A solid magnetic assemble base allows the lamp to be attached in many places – from the car roof to the hood of any vehicle. The housing itself is made of aluminum, facilitating heat dissipation. The tilted support allows you to change the angle of inclination of the lamp, and thus the light distribution.

Like other Horpol work lights, also SLIM lamps are equipped with LED diodes. The field of work is illuminated by 6 LEDs with a cold color, pleasant to the eye during night work. LRD lamps are completely resistant to cracks and impacts, extremely durable in contact with dirt and moisture.

Work light LRD 2985 (technical drawing) (work-light-lrd-2985-technical-drawing.ZIP)


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